Vedic Astrology


“Astrology is one of the oldest and most accurate tools known to mankind.”

Vedic Astrology

Vedik Astrology is an ancient science in which our great great rishis and maharishis has accomplished vedic astrology by their tapasya. A direct proof of this is there.In reality, vedic jyotish has been gifted to people by deva and rishi kripa.When someone does any work without any muhurta then, there is a great probability of unsuccess and failure.

There are several types of muhurta-

1.Graha nakshatra and yoga etc.

2.Muhurta by swar.

3.Muhurta by prashna.

With the help of vedic jyotish people can predict their past incidents as well as future incidents if the person studying jyotish is a scholar.


Our services for you-

1.Casting of horoscope and panchang study.

2.Falit jyotish.

3.Medical astrology/ Professional astrology.


5.Prashna jyotish.

6.Name astrology.

7.Vedic muhurta

8.Ratna jyotish and remedy.

9.Yantra and mantra siddhi.

10.Solutions for personal problems.

11.Solutions for problems related to married life.

12.Solutions for problems related to students.

13.Solutions for problems related to business.

14.Solutions for problems related to career and family etc

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