Bhagwat Katha


"Dedicate your being to God. He will give you endless relief "

Shrimad Bhagwat Katha

Shrimad bhagawat mahapuran is the abstract of all the stories of god which provides moksha,we all know the fact that a better listener is always a better learner and moreover you become what you listen.

What you listen from your ear reaches your heart and becomes part of your verbal communication,By listening to shrimad bhagwat a person frees himself from birth and death chakra.Only by listening to mahapuran Raja parikshit went to moksha and even today we can see its direct proof,sants used to say, there are four benefits of listening-

1.Purification of owns innerself .

   Satsanga katha is like a broom. Just like brooming two to three times cleans a huge open field, listening satsanga cleans one's inner self. If we go out for             someday and come back later, even after we had closed all the doors and windows we find dust. The same way, either a saint or an ordinary person, if has closed their way of satsanga ,dust of negativities accumulated in them.Like to clean our surroundings we do brooming, we must listen to satsanga to clean our negativities.


2.Ananya Bhakti.

  when we listen about someone whom we had never seen before , we got curious and on listening about the same person again and again we develop an interest in that person,same way on listening satsang several times we develop an ananya love for our thakur ji.

3. Selflessness Nature-

   If delivered and listened by complete honesty then both speaker and listener free themselves from desires.That is why while listening to satsang one must have a mindset that it's not an entertenment,like a mirror shows our external face , satsang shows our internal face, about our reality .




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